About Us

We are powered by a passion for the wine and the memories they continuously create!

We are incredibly happy to introduce our new organic soy candles made from recycled wine bottles!

During Covid-19 our everyday life made a 180 degree U turn which send us home to think. We used the staying-at-home-time to make a long awaited hobby project into reality. The inspiration came from a business travel to California back in January 2020, where we visited wineries across the country. Many of them used their own wine bottles as candlelight in their tasting rooms. We thought it brought in life and soul, and shortly after we arrived home, we startet experimenting. Several prototypes later, we finally decided to run with the current model – Sustainable, eco-friendly soy wax candles.

All the candles have their own natural vintage look, which makes each of them unique. We produce the candles ourselves by hand, with a little help from a local glass-maker at “Refshaleøen” in Copenhagen. Us Danes love hygge and candles – the more the merrier! We therefore decided to use Organic Soy Wax and cotton wicks that are CO2 neutral, vegan, sustainable and renewable. It also support a better health and clean air, as it does not emit soot or other harmful particles. 

It takes more than 1 million year for nature to decompose a glass bottle. In Denmark we drink more than 350 million bottles a year, and we believe that some of these bottles can serve a greater purpose than compost. To save society for the extra waist, we offer refill on all our candles for a small fee. soy wax burnets slowly and more controlled that regular stearin. A soy candle of 400 milliliters (ml) can burn for more than one hundred hours. 

We look at the candles and think back to the extraordinary moments we wish would last just a little longer...

-- Dicte Munk Jensen

Meet The Team

Passionate about wine, people and the beautiful things in life
Wine is Art, as wine just as a piece of art, can awaken true emotions 

Dicte Munk Jensen

Founder and Co-owner

Andreas Holmboe Thorsen

Founder and Co-owner


Office Support Dog

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our candles.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

We are currently working on several locations around Copenhagen and suburbs. You can buy the candles directly with us by sending a request by mail, phone or social media. Or you can visit our current retailers

  • @tendensbybroendum, Nørregade 3, 7100 Vejle
  • Vinspecialisten Aarhus V, Viborgvej 161 C, 8210 Aarhus V. 

Used wine bottles, organic soy wax and cotton wicks! That’s as simple as that. 
More particularly; soy wax is made from white/beige soya beans that are soaked, crushed, smashed and pressed. It is the oil from these that are used for candle wax. It is an easy crop to grow and it is recommended as a sustainable source. 

We are working on launching a series where we use Paraben free oils in different scents. 

The buyer pay approximately 100 DKK for a refill of a 400 ml candle. A big candle of 600 ml or more is 200 DKK. 

To get a refill the buyer must send the candles in a safe transport box with tracking to this address:

Dicte Munk Jensen
Bueager 33
2950 Vedbæk-DK

You need to expect at least a week work time and 2-3 days for shipping. Please send us an email with your attached information and tracking-code when the product is shipped. 

Yes, and no.. Each of the bottles are unique and the looks of the bottles and labels depend very much on the wine bottles that are being sold and enjoyed. Some candles are made from bottles that cost thousands of kroner, which you usually does not come across regularly.

We collect bottles as often as possible, and we can write down your preferred candle-wish, but we can not promise any specific candle, vintage or specific arrival date. 

We hope for your understanding. 

We would not recommend to try and split a bottle in half yourself no matter how easy it might look – it is not! It can both be a dangerous and challenging affair to start without the right equipment. 

Lucky for you, we will be happy to receive your bottle(s) and turn it into a candle that keeps the memories of the night alive. And of course this candles will be shipped to your home address as soon as the candles is done. Price will always depend on the size and amount of soy wax used.

If you need the candles on a specific time, expect at least a month of processing time, as we make new supplies only once a month. Get in touch with us directly beforehand. 

Prices ranges between 249-799,- DKK. 

A medium candle that is made from a regular wine bottle with 400 ml of soy wax cost 249,- dkk. 

A big candle made from a premium wine bottles e.g. Mouton, Lafite, Latour etc. and 600 ml soy wax or more can cost between 449-799,- dkk. 

It all depends.. 

The best thing about soy wax is that it burns slowly and controlled. A candle with 400 ml can burn for approximately 100 hours! Which is twice as 

Yes, we ship to Denmark with PostDanmark. The buyer pays the shipment. 

Unfortunately not, but you can get something similar. All the candles looks different due to fragile handling and the possibility of wine stains. 

But we do in most cases make more of the same kind of bottle. 

The soy wax have a neutral smell, and does at its best smell “clean”.

We are working on adding essential oils for perfumed candles. As long as they are still a healthy source of light.